6 Reasons Your Website Should Be In WordPress

WordPress is one of the most used CMS Platform. Though WordPress is mainly known for blogging but you can create almost any kind of website using it. Here we explain 6 reasons to use WordPress for your website.

1 – Open Source

WordPress is an open source platform. This means, a very big global community of experts are continuously working to develop and maintain the platform. WordPress, the platform itself is free of charge to use, maintain and update.

2 – 3 out of 10 website is made in WordPress

WordPress powers almost 28% of the world’s website. So there is a huge community, web developers, designers and lots of resources are at your disposal for your new website.

3 – Easy as using a Word Processor

WordPress websites are very easy to update and maintain. You do not need to learn any programming to update your website’s contents or hire a developer. If you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word, you can update your website as well.

4 – Look and Functionality

You do not need to worry about your website’s look and functionality. Besides, a lot of WordPress developers, you have a pool of 10000s pre made theme and plugins both free and premium.

5 – Good for eCommerce

WordPress CMS can be used as an eCommerce platform as well. Infact a very good one. WordPress plugins like WooCommerce can give you every functionality that your online store needs.

6 – Updates and Security

WordPress releases security patches and updates regularly. Also individual plugins and themes get updates from the authors. You don’t have to worry about new security threats and vulnerabilities, plus you’ll get new features almost every a month or two.

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